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  • GENTLE REMINDER  PAYMENT of SCHOOL FEES The payment of school fees of £150 for each student per annum is to be paid in the first week of and you have to confirm the selection to the School Management either to pay: i. In 3 instalments of £50/students payable in September, January & May; or ii. In 5 instalments of £30/students payable in September, November, January, March & May Advance or 1 lump sum payment is also welcomed and encouraged & payment by cheque should be made payable to ‘Aberdeen Mosque School’.  ATTENDANCE, PUNCTUALITY, BEHAVIOUR & DRESS CODE We really appreciate your kind assistance and support to ensure your child attend the school regularly and to communicate with the class teachers for any absence or for coming in late; ensuring good behaviour and to liaise with the School Management for any concern and to also ensure proper attire is worn to school in accordance to the dress code.
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