Principal’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Welcome to Al-Noor Islamic School.

Time and tide waits for no man;

Plan your work and work your plan;

Don’t wait until tomorrow what you can do today;

A few quotes kept flying back to my mind when drafting this short welcoming message. How quick time past since the school started on 24th August 2013. In the era of information and technology, the world of Android and smart phones, the availability of information at the tip of our fingers by Googling and Internet, catching up with family and friends through text messaging, Whatsapp, emails, Facebook, Instagram and so on; the arrival of this website, without doubt simply filling in the piece of the big jigsaw and one that is much awaited for.

The main objective of this website is to provide a direct link of communication between the schools and parents – providing the platform allowing the teachers and students and most importantly with parents whom are expected to be the active contributing support to the learning process of the students of Al Noor to be connected.

Please register and subscribe to the post as soon as possible. I am taking this opportunity to stress that more resources and information are only available to the parents of registered students. Visitors and guests are very much welcomed too.

In comparison to the previous sessions, this new Session 2013/14; the team of Al Noor Islamic School had worked together in moving forward with a more structured approach. Alhamdulillah, via syura amongst the staff before the school ends last session, a group of staff had undertaken a series of tasks throughout summer holidays that also coincides with the blessed month Ramadhan; the tasks that were aimed to be implemented in this new session. The main aim of these tasks was the production of a revised syllabus and Teaching Manual for Islamic Studies for each Grade, from Grade 1 to Grade 10 guided with the contents from the Goodword Islamic Studies series complemented from the knowledge and experience adapting from the previous syllabus used in the school. We believe this approach will provide a more planned and structured methodology in disseminating the Islamic Studies lessons to the young children.

The new system and approach of the school now allocated Saturday classes are for Islamic Studies and Sundays are for Quran Recitation Studies. These two separate days is deemed necessary for better concentration and usage of time.

The classes for Quran Recitation Studies are now based on the students’ recitation ability. The aim of this approach is to help them build a strong base for the recitation skill along with the students of the same ability. In other words, this approach emphasise on the child’s ability in reading the Qur’an as a whole based on their makhraj pronunciation, fluency and application of tajweed rules enabling the teacher to focus better in teaching and helping the students. The younger students will start with the reference and usage of the series of Iqra Booklet before moving on to reading the Qur’an proper.

The Qur’an Recitation Studies is not just about the knowledge in reciting the Quran. It also covers learning & knowing the meaning of the Surah (focus on Juz Amma). The students will start from Al Fatihah, ensuring each student gain the confidence in correct recitation and is also equipped with a good understanding of the surah that is compulsory to be recited in each salah fard. Then this is followed by An-Nas and moving towards An Naba. At least the last 12 Surah of JuzAmma (anNas to Al Humaza) each student is expected not only to memorise them in Arabic but also the translation (meaning) of these surahs in English. After al Humaza, they will learn & know the meaning of the surahs but not required to memorise the translation in English. If they are willing & able; they are highly encouraged to do so.

A more detailed description on what is covered under Islamic Studies and Quran recitation Studies are provided under the Academic section of this website. Please have a look.

Last but not least, we sincerely seek the parents understanding & continuous support in helping our children to be a practicing & true Muslim insyaAllah.

We pray for Allah’s rahmah and grace especially for the barakah and continuity of our humble effort, together running the Al Noor Islamic School.

Again, I can only say thanks so much, tanks of thanks; to all.

Jazakumullah khayran kathira.


Warmest regards,

Noor Mahmudah

Principal of Al-Noor Islamic School