Registration and Annual Fees

Entrance & Registration Fees (for new students & re-admission): £50.00.

Entrance exam for candidates (age 10-13): £50 (only applicable when entrance exam is held).

Annual Fee: £300

Payment of Annual fees for new student: £100 to pay an advance i.e. £50 (out of £300), upon registration in August and registration fees (£50). The remaining £250 (annual fee) is to be paid before the end of September.

Payment of annual fees in full (£300) during registration in August is always welcomed and highly recommended.

Payment of Annual fees for all returning students, the payment of school fees of £300 for each student per annum is to be paid in full (one Lump sum) in the first week or before end of September.

Payment can be made in cash or by cheque payable to: AL NOOR ABERDEEN MOSQUE SCHOOL

For reduction or payment in installment, parents are required to apply directly and write to the Mosque Executive Committee, the Vice President and the Education Committee by email to: [email protected] and [email protected]

APPLICATION FORM FOR NEW STUDENTS (not available until further notice)

We regret that due to uncertainty on the available space that can be used as classrooms, we are yet to offer any new places. Therefore, the application form is not made available until further notice.

School Opening  and Lesson Time

Due to the refurbishment of the interior of Spital Mosque, the new layout now limit the use of space of the main hall as classrooms once the time for Zuhr Jamaah prayer started. In order to minimise the children being moved from one house to another and also the teachers are majority female teachers  whose access to the main hall is again limited.
The School Management collectively decided for the school timing to change as follows:
Start at 10.30 am Optional Short break of 10 minutes depending on the teachers (between 11.30 to 11.40 am) School ends at 12.45 pm.
School Opening & lesson starts at 10.30 am Optional Short break of 10 minutes depending on the teachers (between 11.30 to 11.40 am) School ends at 12.45 pm.

Al Noor Islamic School and Management Team

Activity Day 2015-16

Calligraphy Workshop
     Calligraphy Workshop by Br. Azim Rahmatdin
The first ever Calligraphy Workshop was held at Al Noor School on 2nd April 2016, as part of the annual activity day. Students of Al Noor who attended, benefited and got a start to their exploring of the art of Arabic Calligraphy.